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Union Sunrise


Originally released on MAYDAY, World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland 1994

We’ve had it with slaving just to survive and wondering what we’re working for.
We’ve had to say, “that’s the way it is”. Not anymore.
We’ve had no choice but to smile and be nice and turn the other cheek for more,
Our fates defined by one man’s whims. Not anymore.

I woke up feeling great today. I used to sleep in fear.
There’s power surging through us like I haven’t seen in years.

Who’s gonna turn your pretty little screws? Who’s gonna mind the store?
You’ve been taking us for granted lately. Not anymore.
We’ve seen the man behind the curtain. He looks smaller than before.
He used to cast an awesome shadow. Not anymore.

This is the voice of your replaceable cogs. This is the voice of your tools.
You might find things don’t run too smoothly if you choose to react like fools.
We’ve come to change some rules.

We’re going down to the bishop’s house to nail our theses to the door.
We used to be afraid of thunder. Not anymore.

© 1994 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)