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Interviews Of Our Times

I spent some 20 years of my life writing for music fanzines and other publications. Most of my writing was done for Puncture, the long-running zine that began in San Francisco in 1982, moved to Portland at the beginning of the 90s, and put out its final issue in 2000. (Sleater-Kinney on the cover) Editor Katherine Spielmann’s stubborn devotion to good writing and her impatience for bullshit, hype, and silly rock prose helped make the magazine as good as it was and played a great part in turning me into a halfway decent writer over time. I will be helping edit a collection of some of Puncture’s best moments, which will come out on Verse Chorus Press. I occasionally wrote for other magazines including BravEar, Snackcake, and the SF Bay Guardian along the way.

Nevertheless, I have amassed a small collection of interviews over the years, and continue to do so on occasion. Most of these articles and/or conversations have been published previously, but it’s a fact of life that a lot of the fun stuff invariably gets lost in the editing process. Here in cyberspace, you can read the original submissions, for better or worse. Certainly these few artists don’t constitute any real pantheon other than “some folks I happened to really like”, so take that however you will.

The Fall (Unpublished, 1981)
Scrawl (Puncture, 1989)
Little My (Puncture, 1992)
The Bedlam Rovers (Puncture, 1993)
Aislers Set (Puncture, 2000)