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Originally released on MAYDAY, World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland 1994

No one has to apologize for putting a damper on your lies.
Your credibility is slipping faster than you can see.
You’ve made it clear to everyone which side your brain is buttered on.
Before you see reality, you’d pluck your eyes out gladly.

I thought I liked you till your loyalties came out.
I can’t believe the shit that pops out of your mouth
And that’s sad. It’s so sad.

Kneel down before the boss. He really understands your loss, you say.
Selfish immaturity is all that’s motivating us.
We can’t seem to get behind the padlocks on your “open” mind.
You’re a stuffed puppy on a string. You’d fall for anything.

I never did expect that you would be much help
But I never predicted just how proud you’d be of yourself
And that’s too bad, oh it’s just too bad.

© 1994 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)