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Never Been Young

NEVER BEEN YOUNG (Music: Mark Zanandrea-Words: J Neo Marvin)

Originally released on MAYDAY, World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland 1994

Tell me something about your childhood:
A life that was not my own.
Father, teacher, God and country
Hailstones raining down upon me.

I had me an education
In all the finest Southern values:
The steady rhythm of back-breaking work
The thrill of perpetual denial.

And I don’t feel old ‘cause I’ve never been young.

No bliss in my innocent past
Just sentimental lies and violence.
I was a simpleton in a corrupt and stupid world.
Innocence was a handicap
And I was aiming to lose that fast.
And when the right time did come,
I did not mess around, no.

Cradle nostalgia buffs
Longing for a life that never was
Cling to their censored memories.
There’s something faintly sick about it.

And I don’t feel old ‘cause I’ve never been young.
This is the mighty furnace that forged me
All bent and twisted, with a really shitty attitude.

© 1994 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)