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MISADVENTURE (Maati Stojanovich-J Neo Marvin)

Originally released on THE CONQUEROR WORM, World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland 1996

Laudanum and terror don’t mix all that well.
One warm ticket to dreamland through a thick fog of Hell.
I sharpen up my knives and laugh just to keep wide awake
And remember all the exits when I don’t know what’s at stake.

Venus, Mars and Jupiter
Shed your lovely light on her.
A queen’s ransom she’d fulfill
For extra-planetary swill.

It’s creeping up behind.
There’s something wrong that she cannot explain
But she knows it when she sees it.

Now I’m hungry, tired and weak. I’d gladly turn the other cheek.
Best not catch me rested and fed. I’d rather see you all were dead.
Somebody sent me up to Cripple Creek, but said I could stay there for just one week.
I danced all night and I slept in the sun. When it was over, I was finally ready to have fun.

Sweated out the poison.
Bought a brand new skin.
But the jailer woke me up to the same old sin.

It’s creeping up behind.
I can’t spell it out for you in 25 words or less
Ah, but trust me, yeah trust me.

It’s looming up ahead. It’s creeping up behind.
Confused, dissatisfied, all twisted up inside.
Don’t leave me alone here. Please leave me alone.

© 1996 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)