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Originally released on MAYDAY, World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland 1994

She said the end of the world is coming.
Turns around and there’s another sign manifesting.
She said, “did you hear the one about the six-year-old
Who tried to gouge a girl’s eyes out with a scissors?”

She said, “I despise our new protectors.”
I said, “they mean well, but they’re essentially spineless.”
We live in the eternal epic battle
Between mediocrity and evil.

First time I was told,
They spilled the beans; I was eleven years old.
We’ve been fruitful and we’ve multiplied
Now we don’t know how to stop this ride.

Fire, flood, earthquake, famine, plague
Rampant human idiocy
Yeah…it could happen but I’m not ready
To run off and hide in the mountains just yet.
Nostradamus does not run my life.

© 1994 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)