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Song Of The Six Pack

SONG OF THE SIX PACK (ECSTASY WALTZ) (Maati Stojanovich-Jeremy 
O’Doughaill-J Neo Marvin)

Woke up this morning with nails in my head
Snails on the floor and rocks in the bed
In a derelict shoebox at 7 AM
The neighbors still screaming, well bully for them!

Rolling and thrashing and trying to sleep
Nightmares to count, I can’t bother with sheep
The sun shine so bright when I finally pass out
But I wanna wake up on the weekend for once.

Oh, hand me the phone, I gotta call someone
To find out what happened and if I had fun
Oh, please don’t hold me to whatever I said
I really didn’t mean it, or maybe I did.

We laugh and we sing through the dark hours of night
It’s a quarter past midnight, we’ve started to fight.
12 roads to nowhere, 13 roads to Hell
I hope there’s a detour, I don’t feel so well.

© 1990 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)