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Ragamuffin Girl


Raggedy figure moving down the street
Dodging all of the creeps she meets
Cigarette papers and a bottle of wine
A clove of garlic and a jug of juice
In and out of the store before closing time

She won’t stop for a Muslim bean pie
She won’t stop for an X-rated burger
She won’t stop for a war game video
She won’t stop for the voices on the street
She just wants to get on home and rest her tired feet

I’m in love with a ragamuffin girl
She’s been running all over the world
But now she’s here with me

She might linger in the shade for a while
To check out the preachers and the gospel choirs
Looking for a bargain at the sidewalk sale

Looking for trouble in the corner of her eye
Then she’ll climb upstairs and start up a pot of tea
Throw her stuff on the floor and say hello to me

I wanna bury my face in your hair
The telephone’s ringing, but I don’t care
Why should we have to go anywhere today?
Can’t we just tell them all to go away?
I mean, they can always call back again some other time…

All the 21st century cutting edge brats
Would have you believe they know where it’s at
All the fashion plates can engage in debates
About which style is the happening thing this year
They don’t mean a thing at all to you or me, my dear

I’m in love with a ragamuffin girl
We light the candles and we toss and twirl
And talk of where we’d rather be

Ferry boat jetting across the bay
Drink in my hand and a smile on my face
Watching the lights of the landlords and lawyers
Of Belvedere and Tiburon
As the sun sinks over the ancient forest and the ocean beyond
Yeah it all looks real pretty from here

No particular place to go
No particular place to go

We’re spinning in circles on a fragile pool
Just like a couple of romantic fools
Talking about Palenque and Paleokhora
And other places I’ve never been before
(Meanwhile, back in the jungle…)

All you steroid swilling macho bloods
Who think you be such tough and scary studs
You see her walking alone in the dark
And you think you’ve found yourself an easy mark
Well, surprise surprise
A well-placed kick in your eggshell balls
Might open up your eyes.

Self-defense is a hard-won skill
For a self-respecting ragamuffin girl.

© 1990 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)