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More Fun In The New World Order

MORE FUN IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER (Marvin-Broustis-Moseley-Freeman)

Patriots glare
Bombs bursting in hot air
Important men in uniforms and suits
To tell us why we’re there
Dots on a screen
The world is their private arcade
The men look so happy
They haven’t had this much fun since God knows when!

Words thrown around
Are weapons of manipulation
United, standing strong
Freedom and democracy
Do what you’re told
To fight against dictatorship
You’re really patriotic
When you torch the corner deli!

These are the times
That make you proud to be American
We march on in
Like raging bulls in the china shop
We won the war
Try not to think about the implications
Tie a yellow ribbon
Round the throats of future generations

We’ve been through the desert
In a force with no shame
It felt good to be part of the game.

© 1991 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)