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Stating The Obvious Again


My friends are scattered all across the continents
They’re searching for the satisfaction they deserve
Some of my friends have died in pain you can’t imagine
Now they’re gone for good
I’ve heard you tell the nation it’s all their own fault

Don’t tread on my loved ones
Don’t you even try
Don’t toy with our anger
We’ve got the right to live
Don’t threaten good people
Don’t trivialize their lives
Don’t spit on our values
We’ve got the right to love.

Pursuing happiness and thrills, we’ve taken risks
We don’t need scum like you to tell us how to suffer for it
You sit in offices and churches making speeches
While in the streets, men with clubs and knives
Are out enforcing your philosophy of life.

The inquisition has just been cancelled for lack of interest
Too many people would rather fix the holes in their own roofs
Than fight a holy war.
Ah, the ghouls will lick their wounds and slink away
You know they’ll be back.

Toss out what you’ve been told and you have to improvise
You have to rely on your desires, your heart, your conscience
I salute anyone who can make it through the night
If others don’t approve of what they see
They can kindly step away from the window.

I salute anyone who can make it through the night
Someday I will again.

© 1993 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)