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Smells Like Smoke

SMELLS LIKE SMOKE (J Neo Marvin-Allison Moseley-Jimmy Broustis-Mick Freeman)

What makes you so surprised
To see a raging mob run wild?
Welcome to the ugly truth
Coming to crush your sweet denial
Tell the crowd to trust the system
They’ve all just seen how far that gets them
Tell them not to break the law
There’s no law at all, just power

Spare me the moral outrage
All I have to say
Is I am stunned and amazed
This doesn’t happen every day.

Sadistic selfish force
Put the cart before the horse
Years of examples on the news
Power is yours to grab and abuse
Revenge on random targets
Temporary dictators of a fool’s paradise
Enjoy your coup until the thrill dies down
You got a new TV and your hood’s burned to the ground

A nation’s sentimental myths crack open
Leaving nothing but the hate beneath them
Regression is no accident
When you’re trained to stay ignorant and hopeless

Lie to me, I don’t wanna see
Give me security, who cares if we’re free?

From the street corners of South Central to the shores of Somalia
A 2-D panorama of big scary chaos with no context
Feel shock, anger and compassion and understand absolutely nothing
Meanwhile, your safely walled enclaves will remain protected by any means necessary.

© 1993 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)