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Cat Box

CAT BOX (J Neo Marvin)

A steady stream on I-79
Of men in olive drab trucks
Our resources dwindle
They’ll always get enough

Every time a base closes
People kick and scream
They just can’t let go
Of that cold war dream

We bounce along the potholes
Across the USA
While our teeth fall out
And our hair turns gray

Let’s distract ourselves as usual
From the pots and pans burning on the stove
Let’s play games of chance with life
Hey, it’s always worked out fine before.

We fall into line
With the great white father
We could blow up the world
But hell, why should we bother?

We’re the proud world leaders
In ignorance and apathy
Squandering time and energy
We’ll fight to the death for entropy, yeah!

So tell me:
Who’s going to clean out the cat box?

© 1993 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)