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Que Lastima

QUÉ LÁSTIMA (J Neo Marvin)

No one understands the depth within your heart and mind
No one understands the pain that you go through
No one else’s problems exist for you
Or at least they can’t compare with yours
No one else could know what’s true

No one else could open up the box that you confine yourself in
Or unravel the web of reasons for your sad predicament
No one stands up to examination
Only what you see is real
No one else could ever comprehend the loneliness you feel

Oh you suffer, you suffer, you suffer
Yeah that’s all you ever say
Rant about it, moan about it
Till you drive your friends away
You’re so alone and other people are
So cruel and so insensitive
They try so hard, but they fail
To live up to the standards imposed by you.

1992 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)