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DAREDEVIL (Davis Jones-J Neo Marvin)

Make it happen now, don’t turn to the past
Treasured youthful antics fade away so fast
Gorged memories of swells, pops, swigs, sniffs
Mixed up in churning news, forging attitudes
My youth was such a gas

I make it happen and I get there first
Call me a lemon but I’ll quench your thirst
The hands on the switches see me and get nervous
They shut off the power when they see me on purpose
But I get my job done.

The statue of liberties taken
The statue of liberty is taken
My integrity is high and I take liberties
I put my feet down and claim my space
So don’t give me that blue screen face
When you’re in this place!

What people think is only important if you’re not!
The goal is to not be one of those chickens
Looking for approval and getting the axe
Ain’t nobody here but us breakthroughs!

And if we don’t go out tonight, well that’s all right.
Our job is to create the “out”
That people need to go to.

Life is a theater
Especially when it comes to war
It’s all staged, you know.

No doubt the commitment factor
Props up the ability to be an actor
A shared reality that lives in agreement
To make a stand and then convene on it

You are not subhuman
You are not superhuman
You are quintessentially human
So slap yourself! You need to be aroused!

The twisted concaves convoluted
Cover up the mustard cutting blues
Inside this couple’s nuptial dreams,
They are just Harry and Bess.
Be nice to them.

© 2014 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones, BMI