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Something Different

SOMETHING DIFFERENT (J Neo Marvin-Davis Jones)

Take up your bed and walk
It’s not the time for sleep
Time you learned how to breathe
We’re gonna go down deep

Moved into action
Picking up traction
Causing reactions
To my satisfaction

Electric fences
Are no barrier to us
We are not cows
And we’ll go anywhere we must

I left my cabana
I do what I wanna
Just like Obama
I don’t need no drama

So take my hand, my dear
We’re stepping out the door
We’re going to show them
What we’re on this planet for

So cue up the version
The dub of subversion
We cut like a surgeon
With diamond precision

There’s nothing wrong with my face, I got character!!!!

The gate is open
You can walk right out of here
Too much Nutellavision
Tasty chunks of fear

We hop on the granite
Take nothing for granted
Encircle the planet
So listen, goddamnit!

Life! Good God!
What do we do it for?

Gets later all the time
But still it’s not too late
Too much to do
To be distracted by the hate
It’s time to fire the ones
Who put us in this state

Intention, invention
We just gotta mention
Create your extension
Your own intervention
Dig into that tension
Walk, don’t duck invention!

The gate is open
You don’t have to stand outside
Climb on the back right now
We’ll take you for a ride

Dig into that tension
Not into your pension
Drop your pretension
Begin your ascension!

Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep! Break up the beat and defeat being meat!

Where? When? Did you say zen?
Do I have to do it all over again?
Only when rooster is picked at by hen,
You’d better feed ‘em something different then!

© 2009 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones, BMI