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Shiny Objects


Hop into the fortress
Hit the door lock button
Driving ourselves to distraction
Ugly scenes race past us
Through the tinted windows
Roll in fragile satisfaction
Shiny objects blind your eyes

Wise men give opinions
And we’re wise to listen
Pick the crumbs of our republic
Something senseless happens
They assign it meaning
Shake it at us like a glowstick
Shiny objects blind your eyes

Let’s talk about god
Let’s talk about pride
Let’s talk about idols
Who’s the winner?
Who’s the loser?
That’s what matters

Reality, it’s what’s on the TV
Artificial competition
Sitting on the sofa
Fantasies of danger
Take a comfortable position
Shiny objects blind your eyes

Ooooh, look!

© 2009 J Neo Marvin, BMI