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Crashing Into The Future (Song)


Particles collide in chaos
Cross your eyes till you see the patterns
Tea leaves and goat entrails
Tell me are we stuck on fail?
Cold, calm negotiations
The sellout behind the circus
Deals are made and hands are shaken
Status quo, no chances taken
Something beyond all this
Something no one can predict
It’s an earthquake from below
Going which way, we don’t know

Guns in the belfry, bats in the head
So many people showing up dead
Poppies and poppers and popguns in hand
No mercy in mercenary land
Presenters mime prefab alerts
Mangled messages, hate crime flirts
Mr. Big’s too big to fail
Catch a wave and ride the third rail
Doctor, doctor, what’s the word?
Can I trust anything I’ve heard?
Is it supposed to make me well?
Or is it just something you need to sell?

Thought the circus would be gone by now
They just keep on recruiting new clowns
The air is thick with flying pies
You just can’t keep track of all the lies
So drink your wine and meditate
Try to keep the two things straight
Whatever gets you through the needle’s eye
While we machete to the other side
Keep driving through the smoke they blow
Can’t see a thing but we’ve got somewhere to go
Crashing into the future.

© 2009 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones, BMI