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The wine has just kicked in
At the end of a long day
She’s telling me about her little sister
When she went to UCLA
One night she went to a party
With two guys that she called friends
The whole fraternity
Had their way with her that night
Apparently this is called a “train”.
I never heard the word used that way before.

It happened just before finals
She never told anyone
So nobody ever found out why
She never even showed up that last week
But she knew it was all her fault
Her mother would have told her so
She must have led them on somehow
She brought shame down on her family.

She moved away to find herself
She found herself a new religion
Found a leader with the answers
To fill the endless void inside
He told her what she had to do
To cleanse the sins of the past away
She drove back to California
And apologized to each boy one by one.

“You wanna know what’s bothering me?
You wanna know why I look so angry?
You wanna know why I don’t let you touch me?
I’m not telling and don’t you ask me!”

He cuts the ribbon to launch his new business
He’s a pillar of the community
Respectable wife and three fine children
Neighborhood coach in his spare time
Sometimes he sits back in his recliner
And dreams about his college days
He smiles remembering old friends and good times
And what was that slut’s name again?

There’s got to be
Something worse than Hell for you.

© 2002 J Neo Marvin (BMI)