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New Age Couple Goes Down In Flames


Living in the eternal now
Just like the timeless brat you are
Never gonna change a thing
Can’t keep your hands out of the cookie jar
We had high hopes…

Speaking in a private language
Redefining everything we’d see
We were a nation of two
In our alternative reality
We had high hopes…

It’s a thin line between a myth and a delusion
Where and when we crossed it
I don’t know, I can’t tell you

A life of brilliant starts
Nothing ever finished in the end
Flying off in all directions
Not a lot to show for the exhaustion
You know the chorus…

You haunt my dreams
Like an accusation from the past
I shut my eyes and think about
The way you used to dance!
Oh, oh what a mess we made!

Nothing’s solid anymore
My sense of reality’s compromised
Since the ending of the story
Makes everything before look like a lie
Where’s that leave us?
Where’s that leave me now?
Oh, oh what a mess we made!
Oh, oh what a mess we left behind.

© 2002 J Neo Marvin (BMI)