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Formerly Boomtown


There’s gold in them there hills
But the hills are in the way
If we could level everything
Then we could suck out all the good parts
We need money
We need status
We need success

But your eyes are way too bright
And your voice is too excited
If it’s such a foregone conclusion
Why do you need to advertise it?
This is Boomtown
Don’t get trampled
By the parade.

It’s so good to be alive
When you’re history in the making
When you’re the new financial darlings
And authority kisses your ass
We’ve built a theme park
In our own image
We’ll party after work.

It’s an inexorable force of nature
So says Darwin, so says Wall St.
Alpha males have left their trails
While in the clouds Ayn Rand is smiling
New Power Generation
Change the landscape
Cubes ‘r’ us!

And when all your dreams collapse
Leaving holes on every corner
And the sunset casts the shadow
Of your half-constructed empire
Favored children discover failure…
Stop the presses!

But your eyes look so surprised
As you’re forced to change your diet
Yeah, tomorrow belongs to you
If you could just afford to buy it.
This is Boomtown:
Come and get it while it’s hot.

© 2002 J Neo Marvin (BMI)