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Shouting Fire In A Crowded Theatre


Shout fire while the theatre is burning down
We used to lock away people like you
Now you can let off a little steam
But stay inside your designated corner
Because the truth is too extreme.

Shout fire while they’re lining up for blocks
To get inside the smoking door
They’ve got a show you wouldn’t believe
A house of cards rising to the sky
And everybody wants to add one more.

Shout fire while the beams and shingles fall
The TV monitors say calm down
Business is thriving and there is no danger
A crisis comes and a crisis goes
But normal life goes on and on.

Shout fire while we’re crawling through the ash
Come on and take a final bow
Now that it’s too late to make a difference
We want to make you an official hero
‘Cause you were so ahead of your time
A testimony to your vision
‘Cause you were so ahead of your time
Yeah you were so ahead of your time
They’re gonna name a street after you
Give you a new oxygen mask too
‘Cause you were so ahead of your time.

©2001 J Neo Marvin (BMI)