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Piece Of Work

PIECE OF WORK (J Neo Marvin)

Con the world till your charm runs out
You never had much but you sure can charm yourself
Your friends know you all too well
They put up with you because they know you mean well
Stop flogging yourself, it’s disgusting!
You’ve painted yourself in the corner again
What do you want from life anyway?
Better think hard before you answer that question

The best things in life are temporary
Follow your bliss until you trample it to pieces
Someday you’ll find out everything you want to know
And I pity you when that day comes

So obsessed with the impressions you make
You want to know what everyone thinks of you
Either they’re not paying that much attention
Or else they’ve noticed how much you look at yourself
You’d better shut up till you learn some new words
You’re doomed to recycle everything you’ve heard
Other people’s eyes make for better mirrors
Take a look; it explains a lot.

Are you really sure you want to know
What people say about you
When you’re not around?

©2001 J Neo Marvin (BMI)