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Is This Where We Get Off?


Once there was so much love between us
We conspired, confided and plotted
Against the world instead of each other
I felt so at home and so exhilarated
Just to be with you.

Once the sound you made was the thing that I most loved
Was the only thing I could trust
You don’t miss your water till your cup is filled with dust
I’d look around and barely believe
Such crazy beautiful characters
Were here to play with me.

There are things I’d rather not remember
And things I never will forget.
A current passed between us
That conflicted with our high-flown moral codes
Oh, emotions are so messy; they never do what they’re told
(What were you thinking?)
I was thinking this is too good to be true
I gave you so much ammunition
When I opened up to you.

Oh, I wanted everything for you
Power and glory all for you
Your rightful place in the sun
Wanted to kill your demons one by one
Please forgive my big swelled head
And all the stupid things I ever said
And how I let it all come to such a cheap, ignoble end

Oh I suppose we’ll spend more time on our neglected lives
We’ll kiss the ones we love and sheepishly apologize
For our dead end dreams, then pack our stuff away
Until some distant day we can’t imagine now
Is this where we get off?
Can any goodbye be good enough?

©2001 J Neo Marvin (BMI)