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Here To Go

HERE TO GO (J Neo Marvin)

This city is a bloated leech
Sucking our short lives away
If you want a stimulating existence
All you gotta do is pay and pay and pay.

Sign your paycheck over to the landlord
Keep a stray eye open for traffic cops
Spit at trendies and hide from the gangsters
Ask yourself if it’s time this bullshit stops

It’s all gone wrong for far too long
And there’s only one thing I know
If you ask why I’m still around
Well, these days I’m here to go.

Invest your life in a flaky vision
Of kindred souls in a low rent community
Stake a claim in the town you love
Watch politicians and businessmen destroy it systematically
Let it sink in the fucking sea.

And if the pressure gets to be too much
You can always go score yourself some dope
Bask in brief, never-cheap relief
Wake up hanging at the end of a thinner rope

It’s all gone wrong for far too long
All it’s too bad, it’s just too bad
This used to be my city
It used to be so groovy
Now there’s no there there
And I really don’t care
I’m here to go.

© 1991 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)