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Domino’s Theory

DOMINO’S THEORY (J Neo Marvin; uncredited monologue by Jimmy Broustis)

If you own a company
You too can dictate policy
If you own a company
You can legislate morality
A fortune made on cardboard crust
Is a gun pointed at our subversive lust
And a midwest multimillionaire
Can finance right wing guerilla warfare anywhere
Domino’s theory.

Ghetto kids in their red white and blue suits
Hustling for that minimum wage
The familiar face of the franchise
Sound of the men workin’ on the chain gang
“Let us exploit you and we’ll keep you off crack”
A cheap labor pool to support the multi-pronged attack
Domino’s theory.

Paramedics for the patriarchy
On a rescue operation
Tomorrow’s vassals must be kept in their vessels
By stout lion-hearted Christian men
Compare yourselves to Martin Luther King
Don’t make me laugh, you pathetic fascist rats
Fighting what you don’t understand
A holy war funded by the pizza man.
Domino’s theory.

You might find it all absurd and funny
I tell you, it’s pretty goddamn serious
Picture your pregnant sister, daughter or mother
With some smug jock screaming murder in her face
Pushing bloody propaganda pictures
Shoving teenage girls around
They wouldn’t stop to help the women in their own ranks
If they were to fall on the ground
You might be wondering where they get off
They think they’re getting off in Heaven
Yeah, they believe that’s where their train stops
All aboard, we’re bound for glory
To a custom-made paradise for schoolyard bullies and self-appointed cops.

If you own a company
People will slave away to make you money
You can keep on taking, there’s always someone to give
‘Cause everybody’s gotta work to live
You own the wealth that they produce
And you can spend it any way you choose
Destroy what you don’t understand
A holy war funded by the pizza man.

And every slice is another cell
In the hand that forms the fist
And every slice is another penny
For the fascists’ Christmas list.
Choke on it.

© 1991 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)