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Captain Plus Four

CAPTAIN PLUS FOUR (J Neo Marvin-Alan Korn)

This one is for the beatings
The smoke you blew in my face
The fence you built around you
The dogs you thought would keep your dreams alive.

The one is for the bottles
You crawling into my bed
To talk to me at midnight
About the boy you stabbed when you were young.

This one is for the big talk
How to become a real man
All the girls you fucked in wartime
Rubbers spread across the German countryside.

This one is for the family
That cherished institution
This is the crucial issue
Of who controls the children
Who has the right to beat them
Even kill them if he wants to
Beat, rape and kill his wife too
If he feels he has the need to
Who’s chosen by a just god
To be his overseer
The life that’s under him
Must bow down and trust his wisdom.

Captain Plus Four is knocking on your door
Captain Plus Four is squeezing you for more
Captain Plus Four is calling you to war.

My eyes are on the ground
I’m watching every move you make
My will is broken
Now I’m waiting for your back to break.

All atrocities forgiven
When authority is given
You might not like it now son
But when you get older
You know you’re gonna be the same
perpetuate the self-same sick old game.

© 1991 Undulant Rhetoric (BMI)