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You Of All People


When the straw men won’t stand still for you
As you’re lunging to attack
And the fools you’re so much better than
Insist on talking back
Everybody shines too brightly
Everybody looks too strange
They won’t admit that they’re all wrong
And that everything has changed
Don’t get uptight
You can still be right
In Citrus Heights.

You had a nasty childhood
Slapped or grabbed everywhere you turned
It made you grow up mean and bitter
While your righteousness just burned
You’ve built a mighty tower
To look down on everyone
Those freaks just don’t appreciate
How brilliant you’ve become
Yeah, this town bites
But you’re always right
In Citrus Heights.

Clench your jaw in disapproval
Sullen rage flashing in your eyes
They have the gall to be themselves
And not apologize
Don’t they know their talk is treason
Don’t they know their world is through
No, their friends are all closed-minded
i.e. they don’t think like you
Better leave tonight
Home fires burn bright
In Citrus Heights.

God bless your little America
Where everyone agrees
Where flags protect you from all harm
And dissent is the disease
You’ll get all the support you crave
Settled in your brand new home
In a community of ignorant rubes
Where you’ll never be alone
But I thought you
Had more of a clue
I never knew.

© 2004 J Neo Marvin (BMI)