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We Are Alive

WE ARE ALIVE (J Neo Marvin)

How much more do you need in your bowl?
How much more do you have to control?
You hold the bullhorn, you pick the song
Not all of us are singing along

You grab the moon and you lose your grip
The barnacles are sinking your ship
You howl and bray that the future is you
But there’s no future in all the things you do

We’ve seen your big gold mine
And we think it’s just a waste of time
A dismal world of bite-sized fear
We’re not impressed…our day beats your year!

We are alive
Revenge is sweet
We’re living well
And we say, we are the future
This is our declaration

We’re everything you hate
You can’t stop what we create
You can’t stuff us back in the tube
An ecstatic raging mirror pointing right back at you

Me and my baby on a dark clear night
Lying in deck chairs, scanning the stars
Distant eyes in a sea of black
What do they think of us when they’re looking back?
We think they know we’re saying:

We are alive
The best revenge is living well
And we say, we are the future
This is our declaration, baby.

© 2004 J Neo Marvin (BMI)