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Little Emperor


Little Lord Fauntleroy
Dressed like a cowboy
Born in a bubble
He’s a man of the people
Got that look in his eyes
Don’t let him improvise
Give him a lollypop
And tell him to shut up

This is the last joke
You will ever hear
Nothing to be scared of
Everything to fear

Steely eyed rocket man
Head in the quicksand
Time for a photo-op
Hoist up the backdrop
Rally round the radio
Smackdown sheep show
Proud, stupid and confused
Here come the transfer tubes

The thugs bow down
To the favorite son
Bringing out the worst
In everyone

Chosen by a drunk god
To drown us in the bathtub
Fight against evil
By killing lots of people
Dopey little demigod
Pseudo-patriotic pods
Screw all this happy talk
Time for the perp walk

What will happen next
When you all find out
That’s not chocolate
You’ve got in your mouth?

© 2004 J Neo Marvin (BMI)