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Happy Fun Ball

HAPPY FUN BALL (J Neo Marvin-Davis Jones)

We can keep this cloud floating if you don’t stop believing
Lying naked in a tub filled with Krispy Kreme donuts
We’ll pay off your pension in Confederate dollars
And send your family a Bible when we harvest your body

Prepare ye the way of the Lord of the Manor
He’s distributing vouchers for obedience school
Cable TV tells you who to be scared of
Things would be perfect if we could just kill all the Bad People.

We’re supporting our troops in the war against whatever
We order 10 pizzas and praise our own courage
God came to me through my computer last Wednesday
He really likes what we’re doing and says “keep up the good work.”

There’s a gathering mob holding torches and pitchforks
We call a press conference and make fun of their clothing
The whistles are blowing and the drums keep getting louder
But we own everything so we’re really not worried.

Keep on crowing boys, your overconfidence is going to bring you down
A popular explosion, time to slay the dragon with our organ
Imagine 300 million people all waking up at once

(And all the sleepy people
They tell me to play happy fun ball
I don’t want to play happy fun ball
Continue in this vein as necessary until the ball deflates or the regime changes)

© 2004 J Neo Marvin (BMI)